Saturday, February 27, 2010

First Time Blogger

Hi there.

This is my first time doing the blogging thing - I'm a little nervous but I'm sure I'll make it.
I've been interested in this since my friend at makeaquilt told me about it.

I've been through a lot of bad stuff the last five years and I thought I would never enjoy life again. With the help of many friends I've made it through and still have a way to go, but I've wanted a way to share with others that you can make it.

Oh yes, there've been lots of times that I've wanted to give up, pull the covers over my head (literally) and never go out again. But with loved ones encouraging me and at times practically force-feeding me, I'm much stronger now.

This was not a health issue, but could've been if I'd kept on going on the way I was. I will get more into things as I go on.

Thanks for listening (reading). Debbie